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Whale Shark Dive Hair Set

Whale Shark Dive Hair Set

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All you whale shark lovers out there, this is the perfect diver set for you! Rock those spots on every dive trip with the ultimate matchy matchy hair accessory kit! Keep the hair out of your mask with our mask strap cover, away from your face with our scrunchie and out the sun on the boat with our face/neck buff!

Whale shark set includes:

  • 1 whale shark neoprene mask strap cover
  • 1 whale shark face & neck cover
  • 1 whale shark hair scrunchie

Mask strap

Girls that Scuba mask strap cover, a high-quality neoprene mask strap cover that fits over your mask strap with velcro for added comfort and ease of use.

  • Fits all masks
  • Long-lasting neoprene
  • Patterned front and back (logo only on front)
  • Velcro fastening

Size 19cmx 8cm

Face and neck cover

Wind/Sun/UV Protection 

Strong stretchy and seamless. 

Material: Polyester Microfiber

Size: 25*50cm

Hair scrunchie

Size: 7cm across and 3cm down

All are packaged and sent 100% plastic-free without swing tags or any unnecessary waste.

*Please note the colours differ on all 3 products based on the different materials 

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