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Girls that Scuba Underwater Edit Presets

Girls that Scuba Underwater Edit Presets

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So you’ve taken an underwater photograph on your camera, GoPro or even your iPhone, but don’t know where to start with the editing, sound familiar?

Here at Girls That Scuba, we have created a set of 8 preset filters for use with the free Lightroom Mobile CC app to help you achieve a professional photo finish without the need for expensive gear and editing software... simply snap, click and then post!

Our presets are filters that instead of just applying a film like regular editing software, specifically target areas of the photo such as individual colours and clarity.

Each preset has been designed to achieve a specific result whether you’re looking for deep, tropical or pastel blues. The pack contains 4 underwater presets, 1 half and half preset as well as 3 over water presets for those back to the boat memories!

NOTE: We have tested these packs on a variety of different skin tones/ light/ backdrops but ultimately every image is different. Depending on where and the time of day you shot, you may need to make a few simple adjustments. Use these 4 main sliders to help your image pop a little more:

  • EXPOSURE (Lighten or darken your photo)
  • CONTRAST (Lighten or darken the shadows)
  • TEMP/TINT (Warm or cool)
  • VIBRANCE (Vibrance is a less aggressive version of ‘Saturation’ and helps make those colours pop or mellow them out).


You will need to download the free Lightroom Mobile CC app to use these presets. Download here for Apple or here for Android

Our presets are NON REFUNDABLE. This is due to the fact that once the preset pack has been downloaded we can’t get it back.

If you have inquiries regarding your purchase please email us at

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