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Nudibranch Beanie Hat

Nudibranch Beanie Hat

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Keep warm on those long boat days with our new Girls that Scuba nudibranch beanie hat! Featuring 3 of our fav nudibranchs; Chromodoris bullocki, Chromodoris Magnifica and Nembrotha Kubaryana. Aka, cute sea slugs! Only an ocean lover will know! 

Material: 100% soft-touch acrylic

  • Unique Girls that Scuba design - found knowhere else
  • Designed by female UK artist Sarah Winter
  • Double layer knit.
  • Cuffed design
  • One size fits all
  • Colour: Dusky Pink* Please note the pink shade is slightly darker in real life than in the photo, the nudi colour also varies in purple shades

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