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Menstrual Cup for Ocean Adventurers

Menstrual Cup for Ocean Adventurers

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Menstrual Cup for better periods! Wear up to 12 hours - perfect for all ocean adventures.

Menstrual cups have revolutionised periods. Not only saving thousands of pounds over your lifetime but creating a more comfortable experience AND saving thousands of single-use period products going to landfills and into our ocean. As an ocean adventurer, your new menstrual cup not only keeps you in the water longer (no need to keep having to get out to change a pesky tampon) but also saves more than 11,000 disposable menstrual products - that we are estimated to use in each of our lifetimes - from entering the land or ocean. 

The Girls that Scuba menstrual cup is designed to be flexible and easy to insert while ensuring a seal so comfortable that you forget it's there, PLUS there are no worries about leaks or odours.

But wait... if this is your first time using a menstrual cup, it's normal to find it daunting at first! Here's a guide on how to insert a menstrual cup.

Purchase power

Your purchase just gave more power to sustainable period products 

Made from: 100% Medical Grade Silicone


Regular: For people who have not given birth. Cup size 43mm

Large: For people who have given birth. Cup size 46mm

The sizing guideline “given birth” has nothing to do with you delivering vaginally and just means your body has prepared for labour and muscles are looser after.

You can use our size guide to decide if you are a regular cup or a larger cup but the fact is you know your body best. If you feel like you have a petite vaginal canal but you’ve had a baby, you might still use a regular size. If you know you do exercises that work the pelvic floor muscles or perhaps you have done pelvic floor therapy and understand you have a stronger pelvic floor then you can also select a size regular.

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