Girls that Scuba store is the official store of the Girls that Scuba community - the world's largest scuba dive group. Here at Girls that Scuba store we are a small - teeny tiny - business and team, and that's given us the opportunity to set it up in a way that fits with our morals.

Packaged and sent plastic and waste free

From day one we prioritised going plastic free. From the boxes and bags we send our products in to the pieces of materials we put in (or more like, don't) to our parcels. We know people don't always need printed receipts 

Exclusively designed and produced

The Girls that Scuba store is the only place you can buy Girls that Scuba products! Each product we sell we design ourself working with designers from our community. Give us a message if you'd be interested in designing a product with us!

New here and want to know more about Girls that Scuba? Head over to our about us page on our website, and join us over on Instagram!