Girls that Scuba SMB 150cm
pink SMB
pink SMB
Girls that Scuba SMB 150cm
Girls that Scuba SMB 150cm
Girls that Scuba SMB 150cm

Girls that Scuba SMB 150cm

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Open-ended SMB

Over Pressure Valve allows expanding air to escape during ascent to prevent damage but will keep the dSMB rigid so it stands proud on the surface.

Spring Loaded Inflation Valve has the same fitting as most BCD and Drysuit inflators and only requires a quick blast of air that will expand to fill the dSMB at the surface. The Valve can also be orally inflated if required.

Bungee Cord Loop keeps the dSMB wrapped up neatly when not in use without the need for bulky Velcro Straps.

Simple Metal D-Ring allows for quick and easy attachment to any line or bolt snap


Hot Pink


How to inflate

Two ways to inflate you can either use the metal inflator to orally inflate or use a QD hose from your BCD or drysuit.  The bottom is open-ended so you can use your exhaust or octo to inflate and the expanding gas inside will close it so it won't deflate when it hits the surface.


SMB only - comes without finger spool/reel

SMB and Finger spool - comes with high-quality pink aluminium 30m finger spool with. Saving you £10 from buying separately. See more details on finger spool here. 

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