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Beginner's Introduction to Technical Diving Workshop
Beginner's Introduction to Technical Diving Workshop
Beginner's Introduction to Technical Diving Workshop
Beginner's Introduction to Technical Diving Workshop
Beginner's Introduction to Technical Diving Workshop

Beginner's Introduction to Technical Diving Workshop

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Date: 6th June

Time: 2pm EDT / 7pm BST (UTC+1)

Duration: 2 - 2.5 hrs

Have you always wondered about technical diving? What it actually is and what it takes to be a tech diver? Going from rec to tech may seem daunting, with many unanswered questions, which is why we've teamed up with Toni Norton a technical instructor from the UK, to host this workshop - where no question is judged.

What is the beginner's intro to tech workshop?

This workshop is designed to enable you to make educated decisions when embarking on any technical training (this can also be applied to recreational training). The workshop will guide us through important topics to consider, allowing for a detailed Q&A session. Great for entry-level technical divers or recreational divers looking to try out technical diving.

Hosted by Toni Norton

Toni is an experienced open circuit and closed circuit diver with a range of technical diving experiences, specialising in deep wreck diving, which she became interested in during her first tech course in 2003. She became a technical diving instructor in 2013 and is a multi-agency trimix instructor.

    We will discuss:

    • What is tech diving and why would we choose to go beyond the limits of recreational diving?
    • What equipment configuration is right for me and the diving I aspire to do? Discussing Twinset, Sidemount, CCR and bespoke configurations
    • How much dive planning should we be doing? We will look at some popular planning areas such as gas requirements, gas choices, logistics.
    • Is choosing my instructor important and how do I choose the right person to work with me?
    • When is the right time and place to start my tech training? 

    For Divers and Non-Divers of All Ages and Gender Who:

    • Have no experience with technical diving and want to know whether it's something they want to try out
    • Have experience in tech diving and are looking to learn more and connect with a community of female tech divers
    • Divers considering changing to equipment configurations allowing for multiple cylinders or rebreathers
    • Divers looking into extending their depth or time limits beyond no-stop diving
    • Divers looking into accelerated decompression and / or trimix diving

    You will get:

    • An opportunity to discuss your options in a safe and comfortable environment, to explore what is right for you with a female instructor
    • A network of other divers who are in the same situation as you, who you can connect with as you progress through your diving
    • Advice on technical diving equipment


    • No discounts apply including Girls that Scuba membership discount 
    • The workshop will be recorded so if you cannot attend you can still buy the workshop and we will send you the recording and Toni will email you for any questions you have.

    These workshops help instructors who have lost income due to COVID-19 as well as keeping the Girls that Scuba platforms running. Your support is hugely appreciated.

    Apply for sponsorship

    If you have lost income yourself and would love to attend this workshop but cannot afford it at the moment we are opening up scholarship places. Just apply here and we will work in trying to find you a sponsor.