10% of all profits on our eco-friendly products are donated to plastic awareness charities

Introducing GTS Plastic-free tote bags - 10% donated to Plastic Oceans

We want to tell you a story, one that inspired these bags. We'd created a new GTS store - stocking all the products you'd all asked for; hoodies, long-sleeve t-shirts, etc. It was done by way of 'dropshipping' (basically a middle-man that would produce the product and send it out each time there was an order). It took us about 3 weeks to get all up and running. The last stage was ordering the samples. They came. Each product individually wrapped in plastic. Then wrapped again in a plastic shipping bag. For 5 products there were 9 pieces of plastic. We phoned the company straight away and explained the problem, and requested none of GTS products was wrapped in plastic and explained how bad it was for the environment. They came back saying they couldn't change it - it was "industry standard" and all of their items needed to be wrapped in plastic - no question. We pulled the store there and then. We then spent another week researching companies that could send the products with plastic free-packaging. We couldn't find any. We quickly realised the only way to ensure that all our products are produced and sent out plastic-free was to do it ourselves and commit to 100% plastic free. With our new passion we reached out to a designer who created us this logo (yup, 100% GTS owned logo) to print on a tote bag, so we could at least start to help the problem with plastic free bags. We then researched a charity we could help in the process, and the obvious choice was Plastic Oceans (you may have heard of them from their documentary Plastic Oceans). 10% of the profit will go straight to then. It's a small step but feels huge to commit to plastic-free products and packaging. Our new favourite GTS item; the small plastic-free tote bag.


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